Panther Prowl - Our Annual Walkathon

The Panther Prowl is our main fundraiser every year. We highly encourage families to support their students as they 1/raise money from friends and family and 2/ walk or run around the course!

2021 Virtual Edition: May 3 - 9, 2021

This year, Mrs. Andrade and our teachers will run the Panther Prowl during recess!  Each grade will have the opportunity to run or walk together during recess, on a different day next week. They will follow normal social distancing guidelines and wear masks. Many thanks to Mrs. Andrade and our teachers and staff who are going to make it happen even while parents are not allowed on campus. If your student is still remote--or if you want to be able to be part of it--I encourage you to go out with your child on a walk or run, as well!  Thank you also to all for your fundraising efforts! 

If you are doing it virtually, your student can run anytime between May 3 and May 9, and we will collect donations May 10 to 14.  


We appreciate whatever funds you can raise from family and friends.  HSA funds are used to buy fund teacher resources, a lot of the digital programs the students used this year, our art program, books, school assemblies and events, and so much more. 

For extra incentive, we have prizes for our top fundraisers in the upper and lower grades!  

  • $150 gift cards to Target and Nintendo
  • The chance to be Principal for the Day
  • A raffle for a Specialized bike helmet. 

We appreciate any funds you can raise.  


If you are registered on this HSA website, you can donate here: 

Donations for Panther Prowl

To share a donation link with others, share this link: 

Guest Donations for Panther Prowl

Thank you!


More Details about the Event

Everyone looks forward to the event, which is held on a special course we set up on the grass behind the school. Classes take turns on the course, for 20 minutes each.  Long enough for them to get their heart rates up, and get the adrenalin pumping.  


Usually, families make signs encouraging their students, and we place them all along the course: 

Opportunities to support your student:

1. A donation to PVEA. Families can choose to sponsor their student with a flat fee or fee per lap.  Kids can do anywhere from 10 to 35 laps in that amount of time! 

2. Volunteer on the day of the event to mark off student cards, set up or tear down

3. After the event, to mark cards and donation cards, so that students can collect their donations.